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New community: Shameless Promotion... ladies only, please check it out! 
25th-Sep-2008 10:44 pm

I've been working on something for a few days now (more like weeks..?) and I hope you'll check it out.
My big project? It's a community. Not just any kind:
It's a fun community with daily (that's right, DAILY.) activities, many ways for participation that's easy to handle and get along with. I'm one of the mods, so drama is guaranteed nil, and the graphics are guaranteed fantastic.
There's a trading card game, but you don't HAVE to participate. (It is fun though, we have a chocolate set that's quite yummy, plus birthstones, and elements.)
We also sort you into a House once your application is put in. One of the Four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Members will decide where you're sorted.
We have members pick a name of a Goddess (or muse) to use within the community, just to make it all the more unique. :)

The first 20 members to join (besides myself and my other mod) are automatically accepted, so just put in your application for sorting and head on in! It's really not that hard. The profile page has all the info you should need.

thegodesswithin is the username, so I hope you'll join, enjoy and tell your friends!
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